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  • Have you heard of a LDA before? Right, most people haven’t. A LDA is a non- Attorney who may complete your documents with your specific directions as the client. I cannot give you legal advice and I may not be your representative in Court. I can give you attorney approved Informational brochures and other information to guide you through the services for self-help and areas of the Law. Our specialty is Evictions, Unlawful Detainers, Judgments, Garnishment of Wages and Small Claims, however we do offer other services as well.
  • If my line is busy or I am in an area where there may not be phone service, please leave me a message either on my phone for quicker response or you may Leave a message below. Please include your phone number where I may reach you, an email address and information regarding the type issue with which you need legal self-help services. I will provide you with information on your area of legal self-help services. I can provide you with information and Legal Document Assistance on the following areas of law:
    • Small Claims Actions
    • Judgments and Wage Garnishments
    • Evictions/Unlawful Detainers
    • Mobile Notary
    • Loan Signings
    • Process Server
    • CSC (Corporations) Service of Process
    • Power of Attorney
    • Secretary of State Filing
    • Court Filings
    • Research County Recorder Records
    • Research Court Records
    • Landlord and Tenant Issues
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An LDA also known as a Legal Document Assistant is a non-attorney who completes documents at the specific direction of their client. As a Legal Document Assistant, I cannot give legal advice and I cannot represent you in a court of Law. What I can do is provide you with attorney approved written informational brochures on different areas of self-help services and areas of Law. My specialties in Small Claims, Evictions/Unlawful Detainers and Enforcement of Judgments benefits you as I can assist you with the forms necessary to be completed to save you frustration by having them completed correctly the first time.

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